Monday, 2 February 2009


Hello and good evening. Hi. Well it's certainly been a chilly day and hopefully you all wrapped up in coats and scarves and hats and thermals.

Our picture today is from regular viewer Anty Dorrit who sent in this picture of a duck on a frozen lake being mauled by a crazed butcher.

If we take a look at the south east we can see we're in for a lot of snow which is moving in from the west where it's been snowing pretty heavily. East Grinstead is reporting at least a centimetre of the white stuff.

Overnight you can expect temperatures to plummet to around three degrees which at this time of year is quite normal and hardly worth mentioning.

On to tomorrow and there's a bright start for the day if you live in Melbourne where they are currently enjoying summer.

For the rest of us it looks like a generally miserable day with the odd sheep.

That's all the weather and I'll be back, weather you like it or not ha ha, tomorrow.

Back to you Simon.

And I'm sitting on the sofa so it's either a light-hearted story, the sport or the weather. We'll my producer is telling me we just had the weather so I guess that's the end of the programme.

Thanks for watching, we'll see you tomorrow night, goodnight. Sleep tight. All the best.


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