Thursday, 12 February 2009

We are ready for launch

Space flights from Manston airport between 3am and 7.03am have been given the thumbs up at a full council meeting tonight.

TDC leader Kelvin Munch said Thanet was "open for business, open for abuse" when councillors voted 73 for and 3 against for the proposals.

Cllr Munchy said: "This is great. Cheers everyone. Even those who want me out and those who don't support the Tories. You're wrong, but thanks anyway."

Cllr Elizabeth Snatchell voted against the proposals saying: "We don't need no astronauts around here," before exploding.

The meeting had a five minute recess to allow slower councillors to read the new Section 106 agreement and those that had read it already were treated to a guest performance by Tom Jones.

Corporate Improvement Manager Sharon Cod said: "He was fabulous and even took his shirt off."

The changes to the 106 agreement will now allow astronauts to break wind during the day and fly really big space craft at night.

One of the astronauts, Colonel Franks said: "We might not even bother going to space. We'll just go round and round over Ramsgate. It'll be hilarious."

One councillor who wore a bag on his head said schools, cats, dogs, children, adults, young adults and old people would all suffer from the agreement.

He said: "Already people have started sneezing and one lady who moved under the flight path literally cannot stop shaking. She told me 'who'd have thought they'd start using that old airport' and she has a point. No one could have seen that coming."

Full council meeting suspended, cabinet members remained to increase council tax by £10k before eating some prawns.


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