Sunday, 8 February 2009

Thought for the day: with Rev Cola

Hello fans. At this time of year when many roads begin to unhook themselves and disappear for no apparent reason I find comfort in the Lord.

Many of you will still have fresh in your minds the worry last year when Dane Valley Road simply upped and left us, leaving many residents unable to travel to work.

At times like this I think it important to look at how we can all affect our own roads. Change them. Make them better. Get a new car.

We of course pray that nothing like this ever happens again, however, College Road did seem to be slightly holy the other day as I drove by in my 4x4 and I saw a young man with a spoon gently carving the yellow lines away.

These are sad days when gangs of spoon-holding yobs can steal our yellow lines from public roads.

I wish you all a very holy Sunday and a happy February.


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