Friday, 6 February 2009

NASA expected at Manston

NASA is understood to be planning space flights out of Manston from as early as March – a move that will create hundreds of astronaut jobs.

Thanet council top brass revealed on Monday that space missions over the isle could begin with the imminent arrival of Nasa boffins and their spaceships.

The announcement came after Manston bosses approached the council to negotiate a change to what sort of business was carried out there.

CEOASAP, Damien Cook said: "We think that Thanet really needs its own space port. What with Gatwick getting a 19th runway and Prestwick falling into the sea I say come on people, let's go to the moon."

Labour councillors were quick to judge.

An unnamed one said: "Why did Thanet council deem it a good idea to let journalists know before us? Just because we're not in charge and people will obviously now find out about the meeting through reading it in the paper it would have been jolly nice to have found out before the proles."

If space flights do begin it is believed a special space station would be set up run by people from all three towns creating up to 2,000 highly skilled maintenance jobs.

Thanet council is hoping Thanet college can begin space station maintenance courses and space shuttle flight instruction next week.

What do you think of the space plans? Leave your messages here which we will then send out into space in the hope of finding intelligent life.


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This blog sucks.

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