Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Missing cat not seen for over an hour UPDATED

A CAT has gone missing from his home.

Last seen just over an hour ago the cat, called Misty, was seen with a "disenchanted look in his eye" before going out of the front door.

His family have made a heart-felt plea for his safe return.

Owner Sue said: "Wherever you are Misty, please, just call us and let us know you're all right."

"two foot long with a face"

Misty is described as black, about two foot long with a face. Last seen in the Westgate area of Westgate he responds to the words "Misty" said in a high pitched voice.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police.

Update: Unfortunately Misty was eaten by a dog. Many thanks go to the person who alerted us to this mishap.


Anonymous said...

A Dog found dead this evening was thought to have chocked on a sausage roll,further investigation showed it had inhaled a cat with a tag on it's collar.
Due to the fact that the tag was damaged it is uncertain of the name of the cat,all that was legible were the letters Mi ty.

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