Tuesday, 10 February 2009

In my opinion

The credit crunch is really biting us ordinary folk in Thanet.

This week we had several visitors and ambassadors from the credit crunch union along with the carpet laying forum.

Working with our multi-agency partners we believe we can create a beacon of hope.

Our best practice frame work allows us to work from the bottom-up creating a can-do culture among our employees. In my capacity as leader of Thanet District Council you will find that the benefits will begin cascading down from the top.

This is an initiative we should all cautiously welcome, after all it was introduced by the Labour government.

Our champion on this is culture boss Roger Kingsland who will be offering all citizens empowerment.

Of course, we need your help. That's why we're launching the community engagement programme. This will be of course conditionally arranged and will need to be consensual from adults. Our core message at the heart of this is, though, everything is okay.

Our democratic mandate when we were elected empowered us to engage users but the evidence base suggests we face one of the biggest external challenges we have ever faced. In our lifetime and yours.

The best we can do is facilitate this change and offer a framework to suit everyone. This joined up approach is sure to benefit everyone.

many frameworks

I invite all stakeholders to get in touch with me. This strategic and overarching yet streamlined subsidiary is sure to be of concern to the third sector.

I hope my honest and transparent approach has given you some value-added in this vision. Let us unlock the potential with these possible local solutions.

You're welcome.


Michael Child said...

Thom. Have added you to http://thanetblogs.blogspot.com/ which I hope you will find useful, for keeping an eye on the Thanet natter.

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