Friday, 6 February 2009

I have a dream - With TDC leader Frank Murrow

Hello proles.

Today I woke up with a vision in my head.

In my vision I saw Margate covered in art. Lovely striking art. That's when I wrote something down.

The following night someone came to me in my sleep and told me Ramsgate had a port. I decided there and then this was the future.

A week later I became aware of an airport on this fair isle and added it to my vision.

Broadstairs had ice cream shops.

And so today I launch what I am calling, the vision, a document intended to stand out and say "Hey, you. This is Thanet and you know what, we've got an airport, we've got some beaches and we've got a port worthy of putting some boats in."

In 20 years time Margate will have street lighting, an art gallery and even some shops. We're throwing in a cafe culture environment and if you feel like it, go to the beach.

In Ramsgate there will be a compass shop because by then the future of travel, boats, will be all the rage and you will need one. Also everyone will have a job as a maintenance man on the windfarm project.

In Manston you can fly to the moon from our space port and dock with Westwood which we sent into space to ease congestion. Jobs flying the space ships will also bring in thousands of employment opportunities.

While there you can go to Marks and Spencer or why not go see a film at Vue.

We're here, we've got beer at the cafe culture environment we've created and the future vision document is an inspiring look I believe everyone will want to get behind.

I really will endeavour to make the community engage in this initiative with it's multi-agency approach and resource allocations which we have been striving for proactively for the past 4 years.

The over-arching value added in this plan cannot be underestimated and I hope you will understand this can be extremely transformational.

You can comment on the proposal by sending your writs to Thanet District Council, Space Station 4, Cecil Planet. SP9 1JU.

You will need to make your representations by Thursday May 3 before it goes for green-lighting special at Full Council.


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