Friday, 13 February 2009

Coming soon...

COMING soon to a blog near you is the Thanet Sport.

The red top tabloid version of the Isle of Thanet Express the Thanet Sport will bring you all the weekend's action in an easy to digest style.

Instead of police we'll say cops, instead of finance cabinet member we'll call them boss-of-something-or-other and if it's a councillor talking we'll make 'em sound like a twat.

That's right you can get all the latest up-to-date info with your Thanet Sport and we'll even chuck in some TV reviews and pairs of massive tits.

Private ads and free beer round of your essential start of the week reading. Don't miss it. Launching Sunday. Or Monday.


Anonymous said...

Will Keith (I've ruined Margate Football Club) Piper have his own column?

Anonymous said...

I thought councillors were already twats

Journalists in action, in the field, on the phone said...

The Thanet Express does not support any unsolicited comments such as the above.

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