Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Angel of the south to be white elephant

A HUGE white elephant was chosen as THE simple of the south after a multi-million pound hunt to find a piece of art work that summed up the south.

Turner Contemporary overlord Karen Shapples chose the elephant on its "artistic merit" adding: "What we have here is quite simply pretty good.

"Out of the three we had to choose this piece actually looked like something. The rest were just pieces of wood cobbled together and then we were told it was contemporary and stood for mans evolution or human kinds symbolism in the universe. Just a load of old bull really."

The elephant, which stands over 5 foot high, can be seen from quite up close and is painted in tipp-ex to withstand even Kent's notorious weather.

The South East's answer to the angel of the north was warmly greeted by art lovers including Turner Prize winner Shane O'Keiff. He said: "Art is all about what's inside. On this particular occasion what was inside was an elephant. I think that is something everyone in the south can aspire to."

A planning application will now have to be submitted to Gravesham council.

Gravesham council leader Todd Grew said: "We plan to refuse permission so we can stick it to KCC. Unfortunately as a planning matter I am unable to give you any kind of comment."

The elephant's designer, creator and mother said: "I'm tremendously excited."


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