Thursday, 29 January 2009

Toilet adaption for mice - My View

WITH Tories its always cigarettes and alcohol and fast cars - you have to smell their shirts to be sure they're wearing one.

The really fabulous news is that the exalted Labour Government has increased the grant for mice-toilet adaptions from £1 to £3 next year.

Good news you would think?

Until this year, the regulations were that councils had to match 61:39 the amount of mice grant against that of the national cheese debt for France which is in the region of £4 trillion.

For the third time last year, under a lot of heavy weights from the Liberal Democrats, Thanet council contributed seven plates of Romadur, Tilsit, Feta and Edam.

They threw two babybells but they kept bouncing and a dog chased them to Lands End.

Who knows what the future will bring; so far the national cheese debt versus the toilet adaption for mice programme has yielded few results.

Political commentator Fred Michaels said: "It's extremely difficult weighing the demands of a constituency so readily shouting out for social reform yet on the other hand actively seeking cheese to fill their pouches before spring."

Leader of Thanet council Spriggs MC Grew said: "I love cheese. I make no bones about it and like no bones in my cheese. This year's promise of Tilsit is the biggest we have ever offered and no thanks to Central Government, whose cheese ration this year is half of what we received last year, we're making real progress with our continental cheese-style rope.

"The chewy snack is available in Margate's thriving Old Town and we're on track to allow every mouse in the district and from all over East Kent to really enjoy the use of our public convenience facilities."

Meanwhile a man objected to his bin being emptied and a stray beer can ended up on the pavement much to the anger of Mr Jones who immediately phoned the council when he got home.


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