Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New anti-Manston group

A NEW group of anti-Manston protesters have started up a blog.

The group Help Out Thanet Preserve Our Iconic Natural Tranquility (HOTPOINT) says they just cannot believe that anyone would want to fly a plane.

Spokesman Derek Williams said: "Who wants to fly planes these days anyway? People drive everywhere. It's like in the 50s when everyone thought we'd be riding helicopters to work, planes are a dying breed. We don't need them in the air getting in the way of geese."

However South Thanet MP Dirk McQuick said: "As far as I'm concerned planes have only been spotted above water. I can say, hand on heart, I have never seen a plane before."

Council leader and lingerie model Felicity Sweet added: "I agree with my friend Dirk. I must admit however that I did see a plane while holidaying on my yacht but that was in the Irish Sea and I'd had a brandy so it might not have been a plane."

Despite the assurances Mr Williams and his chums have started up a blog and hope to build an army akin to Dumbledore's Army as featured in the successful Harry Potter novels.

If an army is formed it is believed they will march on Manston and rid the airport of planes and terminal buildings with magic wands and incantations.


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