Monday, 5 January 2009

Man sees a UFO

A BLIND man has reported seeing a UFO to police after he tripped over a watering can in his garden.

Derek Beeching, 99 from Alfred Close, Margate was busy cleaning up some weeds when he turned around and tripped over the green watering tool.

A second later a buzzing noise made him look up when his eyes suddenly cleared for a second to witness the unidentified object.

The former coffee drinker said: "I just couldn't believe my eyes when I could see through my eyes. It was as though someone had opened the curtains and a UFO was flying about outside the window. I quickly grabbed my Canon digital camera that I keep about my person and took a snap."

After snapping Mr Beeching took a picture, see above, which UFO experts at Oxford are calling "extremely interesting".

General boffin matters manager Niles Pierce said: "It's extremely interesting. Especially the bit about the UFO although our top corporate eye specialists can find no explanation as to how Mr Beeching was able to witness the UFO when he has been legally blind for the past 89 years."

A chance encounter with an Alsatian with a penchant for eyes led Mr Beeching to his disability when he was 10-year's old and living with his aunt Nora in Battersea.

He moved to the isle at 11 after being disowned by his disapproving aunt and uncle.

The former Prime Minister has been informed and teams from MI6 have taken Mr Beeching away "until he is all better".


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