Thursday, 29 January 2009

I did it all

WONDERFUL councillor and hero to the people Steve Perkie helped every single person who lives or ever lived in Thanet this week.

At a KCC debate arguing whether we really need to take seriously this warning about Iceland I suddenly stood up and shouted: "What about the Isle of Thanet?"

Everyone turned to view Cllr Perkie and their faces turned blue, then yellow then there was a deep understanding.

So far I've managed to secure a tenner so we can all build a new shelter in Cliftonville, I got 20 nicker off this bloke in charge of toilets who said I could buy back the Boundary Road ones and the leader, Chief McQuickly, handed me £7.23 and said "go get Dreamland back for the people".

Commenting on the surprise KCC announcement Cllr Perkie said: "I'm really happy. I'm delighted and content that the people of Thanet are really getting a fair deal from county hall. Thank goodness I'd not worn my hat that day for I am sure it would have fallen off with all the back slapping that followed."

The news has been criticised by Tory district council chief Mark Parmy who said: "We don't need this money."

In other news Dane Park fell into the ground and someone painted Cllr Parmy's car orange like the fountain in Dane Park which incidentally fell into the ground.


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