Monday, 5 January 2009

Green Party say no to Thanet

LEADERS of the Kent Green Party has slammed Thanet for existing.

Top brass have called the isle "concrete" after discovering the three main towns and Westgate had a high street.

Leader Gwen Jukebox said: "I find it extremely irritating to discover Thanet council still putting concrete and paving slabs down when we could be laying grass. It doesn't take much to change it on an invoice and think about the grey crested newts that would thrive if planning applications were refused just a bit more often."

Some of the major schemes including China Gateway, Manston airport, Ramsgate, Margate, Cliftonville, Westgate, Broadstairs and the paddling pool on Margate Main Sands have all been casualties of war in the outrage.

Mrs Jukebox added: "How a local authority can still consider planning applications is beyond me. Here we are scraping by and concrete is covering the land. Think about the newts and farmers. One day there will be nothing left."

But town hall brass have hit back at the claims that too much concrete is being used.

Council leader Mark Stimpson said: "I think more people would prefer a road to say a duck pond or wildlife habitat."

At the public meeting about 60 people packed into the tiny village hall in Ramsgate to hear what Mrs Jukebox and bosses from Keep Forgetting Concrete (KFC) had to say.

A plan of direct action has now been agreed including turning signs the other way to confuse people where Thanet is as well as sawing the edges of the isle so it floats away.


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