Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Blog to close down

INTERNET blogger Westcliff Dick is finally closing his blog after writting with wit and style since 1896.

The hottest rumour in town has turned out to be true when Dick merges with Westcliff Matters to create a single title: Dick Matters.

Writing for the final time Dick said: "It was all true and now here I am writing my final message to the prols. I hope you've all had a good laugh. Damn the fencing, damn their eyes. I look forward to working with the Labour councillor on a new and exciting merged blog which is sure to increase website hits."

The news has stunned war veteran Phil McMedget who committed apple murder by gorging on the green fruit.

It was also announced that as both use orange backgrounds the site would remain orange.

Labour frontman Quig McQuickley who runs Westcliff Matters said: "I've got a shitbox which hasn't been emptied for ages and I've got a raving fucking bin which has become some kind of disco for local children and their pet rats."


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