Thursday, 29 January 2009

Back to Ramsgate

Well, I suppose you will all cry and shudder and begin to throw your toys out of the pram when I tell you I returned safely from Wales.

Two sheep under each arm, a goat under my coat and a cat under my hat.

I fully intend to train these animals into becoming a crack squad able to disarm any politically-tense situation should it arise during a council meeting.

My plan is simple: They will enter the chamber through the door everyone uses for a tinkle, before playing Beethoven's fifth on the kazoo.

The point of my post is, no matter what we do in Thanet, we need to get a quality (cheap) mail-pigeon service between the isle and France.

That means no pigeon droppings on BMW's but plenty of surcharges if feathers or feet are missing.

In this way I feel a high-speed rail link could be tested more satisfactorily when measured against pigeons flying as the crow flies.


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