Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Entertainment Review:

Last night I caught up with long-running soap Kent TV.

Tuning in by typing in the website I caught the beginning of Chris Wells and Kent's GCSE results.

If you've never seen the programme before it has a pretty standard format. Each week journalist and celebrity chef Tom Chow turns up at someones press conference and talks to them about their jobs.

Sometimes there is a sordid affair and other times there are fights and guns going off shooting bullets into people's faces.

This week however Tom sat down on a comfy chair and questioned: "So how’s Kent done?"

The protagonist Chris Wells sips a large brandy before driving a Land Rover into the side of a local boozer. Sharon comes round the corner screaming about mortgage payments.

Chris roars: "There’s been a lot of confusion about this so I’ll try and make it as simple as I can."

At this point Sharon reveals she is in fact Shane and Tom Chow is actually a moose.

The plots may be confusing but I heartily recommend it for the subtle sub-plot of love brewing between two young butchers and a mortgage adviser called Mandy.


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